Purchase one of the finest luxury watches in the world from Sam Arabbetou. 

Sam Arabbetou Jewellers has a rich history as watchmakers. For generations, the Arabbetou family have passed down their skills and expertise to create the prestigious reputation and excellent service that we have today.

We work exclusively with world-class makes such as Rolex, Cartier, TAG and Breitling. Our regular stock includes some of the most famous and favourite models. Every watch from Sam Arabbetou Jewellers meets our rigorous standards of testing and quality control. We guarantee the authenticity of every watch we sell, offering warranties and papers with our products.

With our range of exclusive, limited edition and pre-owned luxury timepieces to view, our expert team welcome you to come and view our watches in person. If we don’t have anything for you in our store, we suggest a consultation and then we can source the perfect watch for you.

Sam Arabbetou

Sam Arabbetou – Horologist

“I come from a series of watchmakers and this skill has been passed down through our family for many years. Having grew up in the workshop, I helped my uncle with watch repairing, handing him tools and watching in fascination. I found it so intriguing to see how he brought watches back to life.”

Sam has nearly 40 years experience, alongside qualifications from some of the top horological schools. He specialises in vintage and complicated luxury watches, blending traditional horological methods with contemporary machinery allowing him to repair and restore watches that most other repairers would consider impossible.

Watch Servicing

Here at Sam Arabbetou, we are able to service, repair and restore your luxury watch. Your watch is an investment and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality servicing. 


Leave your watch with our capable watchmakers for repair.


Maintain the luxury look of your watch with our polishing service.


Create a sentimental item with our specialist engraving service.


Our team can assist with valuations for insurance purposes.

Looking for a specific piece of jewellery or watch?

Our talented designers can produce unique pieces or source sought after watches. Come and browse our extensive range of classic and contemporary jewellery. 

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